About us

The goal of project is to bring together many of European furniture manufacturers, who will offer a wide range of products, from outdoor furniture down to the smallest interior elements. Our team seeks to represent the interests of every person and to offer him the best product. Nowadays, when more and more renovations projects are being implemented, when trying to keep up with home interior fashion, many of people face with many problems. Going shopping, coordinating and adjusting colours and measurements for walls, furniture and accessories is very tiring and at the end all this effort and the time used does not guarantee, that the desired result will be achieved. Everyone, who created their own home – have to feel peace, warmth and cosiness. After all, we are creating our dream house!

Inspired by thoughts about easy creation of such a dream house, we created new product – It is 2D and 3D constructor, which allows everyone to create and design their own home interior and surroundings. Using 3D mode, you will be able to fill your home with furniture, which you will be able to choose from a wide range of furniture offers. Also, in our constructor, you will also have opportunity to change and compare different flooring, windows, doors, tiles, curtains, etc..

This constructor is free of charge. Every user will be able to choose the most appropriate furniture for the best price from a wide range of offers. Registered user will have an opportunity to create even 10 rooms, which, upon a need, could be sent to several different construction companies to get several estimates for the needed work to be carried out.

We hope that constructor will help you to express yourself and save your precious time. This handy application is optimized to use for everyone, regardless of people's age.

Additionally, this is excellent business tool for Designers, Manufacturers and Builders.

We are inviting all builders, manufacturers, dealers, designers, architects, engineers and e-shops to join our project!