3D configurator / 360° view for Your business



3D catalog – constructor could be used on website (without competitors) with 3D designhome.com logo to present objects for a public auditorium and business partners.

Our offer:

• 3D catalog-constructor;
• 360 degrees objects preview with various textures;
• 360 degrees objects preview in rendered design;
• Fixed object screen view with the possibility to choose from more than 20 scenes;
• Objects exporter to various programs format like 3D Studio max .3DS .MAX .OBJ, Autodesk .FBX, Stereolithography .STL, Maya .MA .MB, Cinema 4D .c4D, Blender .blend, Lightware .lwo .lw .lws, ArchiCAD .GSM, Revit .RFA, and etc.;
• Objects preview in Virtual Reality;
• Objects preview in Augmented Reality.

Benefit for You:
1. To create value added for Your products;
2. Advertisement for Your products – uploaded them into 3D catalog, there will be Your logo and directly link to Your website;
3. All Your clients will be able to create their houses from Your products assortiment;
4. Possibility to insert furniture or other products to shopping cart and to send the order request directly to You;
5. Unique link to 3D object, which could be send, inserted to Your website, or showed on all devices;
6. Possibilieties to have an active option on Your website: 3D room with Your favorite objects, to show only Your furnitures, wallpapers, tiles or other products in the catalog without competitors;
7. Save money with the new products assortiment. You don‘t need to renew Your paper catalogues and print them. Enough to upload Your new model with new textures;
8. To find new partners and cooperation possibilities.




       1. Registration

Register on our website and choose who you are: Manufacturer, Designer or Retailer

Registration link: REGISTRATION


       2. Open source code:

Copy this 360° viewer code and add it to Your website:

<p><iframe src='http://3ddesignhome.com/external/733/2229' style='width:100%;height:600px; border:none;'></iframe></p>


       3. Service packet

Contact us info@3ddesignhome.com and deal with Your best packet

Our main packet includes: 400mb (about 100 objects) - 300eur/month


      4. 3D objects

If You need 3D objects (.obj format) we can create it for You!

3D objects price list: PRICE LIST