Service packages:




We offer:

  1. To create a higher added value for your product.
  2. Advertising of your selling products by placing 3D of your furniture that you represent. In the description of the furniture there will be a logo and a link to your website.
  3. All of your customers will have an opportunity to create their own space by using your product range.
  4. A possibility to add furniture or other product to the basket and send inquiry to you directly.
  5. A unique link to 3D furniture, which can be sent, placed on your website, showed using tablet PC.
  6. A possibility to install an option on your website: 3D room with your desired objects; it is possible to show only your furniture, wallpaper and not show products of competitors.
  7. To save - if one or several products will change, you will not need to renew and reprint your paper catalogs. It will be enough to upload new model with new textures.
  8. To discover new opportunities of partnership and cooperation.


Additional works

We can help you creating 3D furniture for placing them into catalogue, according to your provided drawings with pictures.