Requirements for 3D objects


Technical requirements for 3D furniture:

  1. Scale of 3D objects 1:1 (real size models);
  2. Coordinates of central point (0;0;0);
  3. File type - .obj;
  4. File size for upholstered furniture 1-4 Mb, for hard furniture 0,1-150 KB;
  5. Every furniture element (armrest, seat, handles, etc.) shall be assigned with a surface, for example handles – metal, armrests – wood, seat - fabric, etc. All surfaces must conform in .obj file.


Technical requirements for tiles, flooring and wallpaper textures:

  1. JPEG or PNG file;
  2. Recommended file size – up to 1 Mb for wallpapers and up to 0,5 Mb for flooring and wallpaper textures;
  3. The resolutions of the textures must be in 2d degree (for example: 768x1024, 1024x1024 and so on.);
  4. The perfect repeatability in all directions (when the same texture repeats, there should not be any connections of the textures visible);
  5. In one JPEG file there must be more different and diverse tiles of the same type, in order that texture repeatability would bring to most natural view;
  6. In the title there must be tile, tile block or texture dimensions (sizes), matching the reality, provided.